4-Hour Photography Tour 

Learn Landscape Photography at the best locations

Offered by Joshua Tree Workshops - Our most popular class!

This is a 4-Hour personalized tour of the park focusing on Landscape photography techniques. You will visit some of the best locations in the Park. Class time is based on availability - but it can be in the morning (Sunrise) mid-day, sunset (most popular) or Night Sky Photography.

Call for availability  (480) 282-0408

IPhone or Camera? Your iPhone camera can take amazing photos - It gets in close + flash + HDR and you can get great shots. If you are shooting with a DLSR, any lens will do - WIDE, NORMAL or even ZOOM.

Weekend Photography Workshop

Learn Landscape, Light-Painting, Astro-photography 

Offered by Joshua Tree Workshops

In this workshop, you will be able to immerse yourself in the park - and explore many of its special places and vistas. You will be shooting 24/7 to capture the best times of day, in the best locations in the park. You'll learn Lightroom skills to dramatically improve your final images.   

Class size limited to 3. 

Workshop Includes

  • Includes 2 Nights Lodging and Breakfast in Joshua Tree, California
  • For beginners & experienced photographers
  • Landscape Photography Training
  • Astro-Photography Training
  • Light-Painting Photography