Joshua Tree National Park's mixture of surreal rock formations, ancient trees & wildflowers are truly captivating.

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Once considered just a training ground, Joshua Tree is now a climbing destination in its own right. Take a Workshop!

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Events & Festivals

People come to Joshua Tree to flee the Big City and leave their worries behind. All you need to do is follow the White Rabbit... 

Joshua Tree is an Artist's community. There are hundreds of creative folks here. They came here for inspiration, so should you.

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Joshua Tree is the closest National Park to Los Angeles & San Diego. Visit for a day, a night, a weekend or longer.

Joshua Tree
Photography Guide!  

Joshua Tree is kind of a haven (heaven?) for musicians. They say Jim Morrison haunts this place. Come and find out. 

Photograph the Milky Way

Joshua Tree provides unique opportunities for photographers - Day & Night. Guides help you experience the park.

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in Joshua Tree

By design, there is limited development in town. But with AirBnB, there are lots of local rooms & houses to rent.