The Best Times of the Day to Hike

  • Early in the Morning
    Get up well before the sun rises, watch the desert be illuminated... 
    ...and you just might spot some Coyotes!
  • Sunset/Twilight (of course)
    This time lingers for a few hours. It's a great time for taking twilight photos.
  • In the Dark (after 9PM)
    Try it! This is one of the best times to explore.  
    And if the moon is up, you won't need a headlamp.
  • Mid Day
    This is only appropriate during the Fall/Winter/Spring months. 
    It's too hot in the summer months.

Popular Hikes

Here are some of the more popular hikes within Joshua Tree National Park. Make sure to bring plenty of water. 

Arch Rock / .5 miles / Super Easy

Arch Rock is in the White Tank Campground. If you feel like exploring further, there are a ton of trails behind Arch Rock that lead up the hill. In the spring, this is one of my favorite Wildflower locations. At night, this is a very popular spot for Astro-Photographers!

Hidden Valley / 1 mile / Easy / MAP

This classic hike is located in the 'Center' of the park, so the road signs will direct you there. 

Lost Horse Mine / 7 miles / Moderate / MAP

This popular trail takes you into an old mining area of the park. 

Willow Hole / Wonderland of Rocks / 7 miles / Moderate / MAP

This is a classic hike in the park which takes you thru the Wonderland of Rocks area - it's known for its views and wildflowers!

Ryan Mountain / 4 miles / Moderate, but 1000 elevation change / MAP

This is a popular hike which takes you to the top of the central peak in the park. Great for Sunrise or Sunset! 


Here's a link to more Joshua Tree National Park Maps

There's an App for that!

It's Free. We've listed some of our favorite hikes, but we want you to be able to make those decisions for yourself. AllTrails has a comprehensive crowd-sourced site (and app) which lists all of the hikes in Joshua Tree (with recent reviews) - and did we mention that it's free. 

AllTrails - Joshua Tree Trails 

AllTrails - iPhone/iPad Apps