Souvenirs • Maps • Gifts • Books • Toys
Candy • Gear & Showers!

                And DON'T FORGET YOUR DECALS!

                And DON'T FORGET YOUR DECALS!

Coyote Corner has everything you'll ever need to remember your trip to Joshua Tree National Park. And you know you need something for the grand kids!

Here are just some of the items they carry in their store:

  • Firewood
  • Tons of Magnets
  • Rocks and Minerals 
  • Hoodies, Shirts, Hats 
  • Munchies, Protein Bars
  • Joshua Tree Mugs, Posters,...
  • Camping items, Rain Ponchos, 
  • Locally made Gifts and Jewelry
  • An amazing selection of Incense
  • Maps and Books of Joshua Tree
  • You know they have Shot Glasses!
  • ... and the Showers are around the back! 

At the Corner of Hwy 62 & Park Blvd

Coyote Corner

6535 Park Blvd
Joshua Tree, California
760 366-9683
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