Joshua Tree is the
closest National Park to
Los Angeles & San Diego

The Park is centrally located in the California Desert. Now who doesn't want to take a road trip to the California High Desert??? 


Nearby International Airports

  • Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)  - 150 miles
    Take Hwy 10 East to Hwy 62 to Joshua Tree
    note: This route takes you across the entirety of Los Angeles.
    So, if you can, try to avoid this route during week-day business hours...
  • Las Vegas McCarran International Airport (LAS) - 200 miles
    Take 15 South - Drive through Mojave National Preserve to Hwy 62
  • Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) - 225 miles
    The Hwy 10 WEST SOUTH Park Entrance
  • Palm Springs International Airport (PSP) - 40 miles
    Take Hwy 10 West to Hwy 62 to Joshua Tree
  • San Diego International Airport (SAN) - 150 miles
    Take 15 North to 215 North to 60 East to 10 East to Hwy 62 to Joshua Tree
  • Here's an alternate route to/from San Diego
    San Diego to Joshua Tree, via the Salton Sea / Salvation Mountain

There are
Three Park Entrances

The main (preferred) entrance to the Park is in the town of Joshua Tree, but there are 3 entrances you can choose from: 

  • West (Main) Entrance
    Located off Hwy 62, in Joshua Tree @ Park Blvd
    For visitors coming from Los Angeles / San Diego / Palm Springs
    Make sure the stop at the Park Visitor Center (on Park Blvd @ Hwy 62) and
    pay for your park pass BEFORE driving up to the park.
  • North Entrance
    Located off Hwy 62, in 29 Palms (You'll see the signs)
    For visitors coming from Las Vegas
    Tip: The lines are much shorter here on weekends and holidays!
  • South Entrance
    Off Hwy 10 - East of Palm Springs/Indio
    For visitors coming from Phoenix / New Mexico / Indio
    This entrance takes you thru the entire park!

Suggested Itineraries

For those of you who are staying in the Palm Springs or San Bernardino areas. You can make it through the entire park!

For those travelers who want a stopover in Joshua Tree... Or folks making a Quick trip from LA, OC or San Diego.

Classic trip from Los Angeles, Orange County or San Diego. We'll assume you are coming up on Friday afternoon.

Lucky You! We'll show you some extra special areas to explore!

Which Season is Best?

Trick question! All of them! The classic visiting months are September through May, but you can explore the park every month of the year. The Milky Way is visible April-September. 

Fall = Cool / Climbing

Temperatures cool down from the summer, so the climbing season begins. There are also some amazing storms during the fall.


Winter = Clear Skies/Snow 

The days & nights get cooler - and it usually snows 1 day a year - between Christmas and early January. Sign up for our Newsletter to get notified of snow days.


Spring = Wildflower Season

Spring is the wildflower season! When the rains are good over Fall/Winter, we look forward to a good crop of wildflowers.


Summer = Milky Way

Summer is for the Milky Way! Yes, the days are HOT (typical highs are 100 degrees). The best part of summer is star gazing at night - when the temp is a comfortable 70-80s. Please do not hike mid-day during the summer.

Average Temperatures
are not Extreme
in the High Desert (4000-5000ft)

July/August are the hottest months - Average high temperatures  = 101 F


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