Week Long Itinerary

You get to spend a week in the desert! Perfect!

Since you've got lots of time on your hands, you can set the pace...
I'll just give you a ton of options. 

1. Check out the above itineraries to get an idea of the Joshua Tree basics

2. Here are some additional activities to try out

  • Ryan Mountain Hike - 3 Miles - strenuous  
  • Eureka Peak Hike - 10 Miles - moderate 
  • Lost Horse Mine / Mountain Hike - 4 miles - moderate
  • Get a Hiking Guide - Find the secrets of Joshua Tree
  • Get a Photography Guide - They know the best locations in the park
  • Take a Climbing Workshop - You get to have fun - and be safe!

3. Here are some great activities for "chill days"

  • Walk around Joshua Tree Downtown Area  (4 block area) 
  • Check out the Art Galleries 
  • Spend time in the Park Visitor Center
  • Check out the Noah Purifoy Outdoor Art Museum


Click here for some CLASSIC ROAD TRIP MUSIC

Click here for some CLASSIC ROAD TRIP MUSIC

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