Weekend Wildflower Tours
includes B&B Private Room
for 2 persons

Explore the ever-changing desert in Joshua Tree

Offered by Joshua Tree Workshops

Weekend Tours Include B&B lodging in Joshua Tree

Our guides know the best spots for viewing wildflowers in the park. Wildflowers are constantly changing, so it varies from week to week. Weekends are best Fri-Sun, but you can schedule a guide for any day of the week.  

IPhone or Camera? Your iPhone camera can take amazing photos - It gets in close + flash + HDR and you can get great shots. If you are shooting with a DLSR, any lens will do - WIDE, NORMAL or even ZOOM. If you have a CLOSE-UP (/MACRO) Lens, even better. (Hint: About half of the photos below where shot with an iPhone 6.)

Wildflowers of Joshua Tree

Film courtesy of Joshua Tree Workshops

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