My creativity has been fueled by encouraging parents and mentors and supported by years of structured study. This combined with self-exploration has made for an incredible journey and I've been rewarded with many years as a professional painter, artist and designer. I am forever grateful to have had the means to apply my creativity and live the life of an artist. 

As a native Californian who has lived all over the state I find that the community of Joshua Tree and nearby Joshua Tree National Park offers its own unique brand of rich color, rugged character, open skies and quiet reflection. Being an artist who is inspired by her surroundings this high desert environment is incredibly conducive to my work.  I spend as much time as possible up in the national park to gather my images for my work.  The community is very supportive of the arts and moving to the area has been quite rewarding. I’ve been able to apply a more focused intention here and I believe it’s been very good for my art. 

Alita VanVliet

Joshua Tree, California